ePortfolios provide a digital space for you to connect and showcase your learning. Creating an ePortfolio allows you to share your journey, tell your story, and market your skills.

Student Benefits

Creating an ePortfolio is a great way to build your professional network because it allows you to demonstrate your skills. It’s also an easy way to store your work in one space that can be accessed and edited, even after you graduate. Whether you’re looking to be discovered by potential employers, seeking internships, or preparing for graduate school, your ePortfolios is:A platform to share your unique story or journey

  • An easy way to track your journey and make connections
  • An opportunity to reflect and discover who you are
  • A way to show off your unique skills and abilities to employers
  • A way to track and showcase research
  • A way to connect with others inside and outside your field
  • A way to make connections between sports, study abroad and other co-curricular experiences that shaped the totality of your education

Faculty Benefits

ePortfolios provide opportunities for you to authentically demonstrate your effectiveness as an instructor. Through ePortfolios, you can build assignments that will impact students broadly, across programs and disciplines. Within your teaching, ePortfolio offers:

  • A chance to showcase your value and effectiveness as a teacher, peer leader or program administrator
  • An authentic assessment of student learning and longitudinal growth
  • A chance to see an overview of your student’s work, enabling you to better advise them or craft content for their needs
  • An opportunity to be an early adopter and an innovator leading the next wave of ePortfolios
  • The ability to see how students connect their work to other disciplines
  • The ability to assess both curricular and co-curricular initiatives and to make connections between those experiences